Athene Group AG is an independent wealth management company established in Switzerland to service our domestic and international retail, institutional, and corporate clients. We are a group of highly-motivated and results-driven professionals committed to providing our clients with the most effective financial solutions. Athene Group AG includes and connects all parts of your plan, such as your investments, your estate plan, your insurance portfolio, your cash flow, your income tax situation, and so on. We take the time to learn about your finances and do everything we can to help you with your problems.

Athene Group gives clients access to global financial markets.

We work with you to set and try to reach your financial goals through objective planning and the careful handling of your investment assets. Athene Group gives clients access to global financial markets and lets them put together well-balanced portfolios that meet their individual goals for returns and levels of risk tolerance.

The global markets for investments are always changing, so why should your Investment Portfolio? We keep an eye on and handle your portfolio so that it can adapt to changes in the market and keep meeting your needs. For example, if a chance comes up in a certain asset class, if a fund manager or investment platform makes a strategic change, or if the risk/return profile of your portfolio is different from what we expected, we will act to protect your interests.

We invite you to become an Athene Group investor.

Mutual advantage

We base our work with clients on mutually beneficial conditions, and we are persuaded that the key to long-term cooperation is a win-win situation for both parties.


There are some things that are extremely tough to obtain and extremely easy to lose. One of those things is one's reputation. We appreciate our reputation and strive for excellence at all times.


Working with money necessitates a great level of organization, accountability, and information secrecy. By investing in our management company, you gain a dependable partner that can solve any difficulty.

At Athene Group AG we believe longevity, financial stability, and quality expertise from our Investment Managers are key to our continued position as a valued resource and a leader in Swiss. We guarantee that our Clients and Partner’s legal obligations are met. We take a one-on-one approach to each client and keep received information confidential. As you might expect from a personalized portfolio, we give you a lot of options for how to handle your money so that it fits your needs. These range from talking about every transaction with you before it happens to giving you tips on how to run your business.

We provide a variety of services basedon your age, level of expertise, and way of life.

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