Properly managing your assets means taking all the steps to ensure that they continue to meet your needs. The tax environment, the mode of transmission, and the relevance of the investments are all choices that you are led to make and which are decisive. Athene Group AG brings you the advice of a professional and provides you with all the useful information so that you act in your best interests.

Asset management by experts.

The asset management service is the management of institutional clients’ asset portfolios, which may include many financial instruments. This ensures that the investment strategy is adapted to the needs and preferences of investors. The offer is intended for clients who are interested in greater flexibility in their own portfolios compared to classic funds.

Thanks to Athene Group’s authorization to manage your cash and financial instruments, our experts can make the best decisions when investing assets on the capital market. Each time they adjust them to your needs, preferences as to the structure of the portfolio, expected rate of return, and accepted risk.


In addition to our knowledge of real estate markets, you benefit from our mastery of tax legislation and financial products. 


We help you ask questions in advance so that you are not helpless if a problem arises.


We analyze all aspects of your assets to offer you global solutions that meet your objectives.

Why asset management?

This tailor-made solution allows you to carry out, through a mandate or a dedicated fund, financial management totally adapted to your legal, technical, and accounting constraints as well as to your performance objectives.

You will benefit from tailor-made reporting, the frequency of which will vary according to the needs that will have been defined together.

Athene Group AG is a leader in the mid-market mergers and acquisitions market. Its teams have developed multidisciplinary skills that allow them to intervene effectively in all types of operations and in all sectors, and to provide their clients with high added value. Within its Wealth Management activity, Athene Group AG also serves a clientele of private investors. This activity is distinguished by a global and independent advisory model, combining a family office service and a fund of governance of finances.

Are you set up to start collaborating with us?

We are ready to help you choose the most suitable financing product for you. We will make sure that you are provided with the best conditions and most optimal offer, taking into account your needs and possibilities.