Athene Group AG selects thanks to our expertise the products that we consider to be of the best quality. To do this, we adopt a rigorous and methodical analysis process by estimating the potential of each product as well as the risk associated with it.

Quality investments and high-performance selection.

A selection of high-performance and quality investments is made thanks to our financial expertise. As an independent, we are not obliged to work only with in-house products, like most banking networks or general insurance agents. You are no longer confined to this type of product. We select the best of each product and each company before offering it to you.

Athene Group AG provides a range of investment management alternatives.  We accomplish our client’s objectives through separately managed accounts structured to meet their specific needs. We act as an equity specialist, fixed income manager, or balanced manager and offer international diversification where appropriate.

Our portfolio managers meet with clients regularly to review our role, the investment objectives of the account, and our progress in achieving those objectives. We recognize the need for very personal, confidential, and responsive investment services. Clients work with an investment manager who draws from the resources of the entire firm. With experienced investment teams each working independently monitoring asset mix and determining sector weighting and security selection, we believe this process best meets our client’s needs.

The fund is an investment:


The purpose of the fund's operation is to achieve profits higher than traditional deposits.


You can make additional payments or submit a withdrawal order at any time, the withdrawal of funds does not involve a lower interest rate.


No need to declare the saving period.


The funds strictly comply with the law, and the invested funds are always the property of the customers.

Your Private Client Wealth Advisor will collaborate with a Portfolio Manager from our Investment Management Group when you choose Athene Group AG to handle your investment portfolio. They will each utilize their specialties to create an investment plan that is tailored to your requirements.

We have the freedom to customize our services to each client's specific demands.

What is worth investing in? This is a question that is asked every day by analysts, investment and financial advisors, and private investors. One question and many answers. There is no one universal recipe, there is no rule that is good for everyone. Our goal is only to indicate financial instruments that may seem interesting to you Familiarize yourself with the best investment offers and invest online. what to invest in, how to invest. Investment comparison. We have selected the best investment offers on the market for you.

A structured deposit is presented as a product that allows you to earn money both during increases and decreases on the Global Stock Exchange. Its great advantage is the guarantee of the entrusted capital, which is to tempt customers who want to avoid risk in this form of investing. The quality of services and future certainty are all guaranteed by the structured deposit solutions made accessible through the Athene Group AG service.

Alternative investment offers available through the Athene Group AG service guarantee the quality of services and certainty of tomorrow, as well as security. Confidence and stability without any tricks and stars - these are the advantages of our offer. We have selected for you the best alternative investment offers on the market.

In all the funds it manages, Athene Group consistently achieves very good investment results. The key to success is the right selection of financial instruments, based on a proven investment strategy, the main pillars of which are security, stable return on investment in the long term, and diversification in terms of risk and investment period. The position of the Company in the investment market, the experience of the managers, and the number of assets are also important, allowing for the best use of the market situation.

We provide expert advice for all investments size.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our Client Investment Management services.